• Career counselling for art historians

    • Which possibilites do I have to build up a career in the art business?

      Is the "classical" sector the ideal working place for me: museum, public insitution, university?

      Which other sectors could be of interest for me: auction house, gallery or art dealer, publishing house, corporate collection, private collection, artist studio?

      How much can I earn in the art world?

  • Career counselling for artists

    • How can I enter the art market?

      Is it for me more suitable to work with a gallery or to promote myself on my own?

      How can I promote my art works professionally (website, business cards...)?

      If I work with a gallery: which rights and obligations do I have?

      How can I change the gallery?

      How can I price my art work?

      How can I organise my archive in a professional way?